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Welcome to Vladivostok,one of the main cities of Russian Far East!


Distance location

 July 2;1860
 over 600 sq. km (230 sq. miles)
 850 thousand persons
 6500 km from Moscow,
 1500 km from Beijing,
 1050 km from Tokyo,
 750 km from Seoul.

     Vladivostok is one of the most interesting and perspective cities of Russia. That typical European city lies on border of Asian-Pacific region.
Vladivostok is the capital and administrative center of Primorsky region. It spreads over beautiful shores of Bukhta Zolotoy Rog (Golden Horn Bay) and the eastern part of Amursky Gulf cost of the Sea of Japan. It is a seaside city where all is connected with sea: history, architecture, industry. People in city are defined by fish seaports and trading.

     In it’s 152 years old Vladivostok city quickly became an important economic and political center. Very valuable for city economic situation existence of sea trading ways and borders with China, Korea and Japan.

     It is the terminus of the Trans-Siberian railroad Russia's major Pacific seaport, and the main base of its Pacific fleet. Important role in the industry of city is played with ship repair and shipbuilding.

     Vladivostok is a great place to start or end adventure through Russia. It is extremely lively, attractive and historic city. If you study the map of Vladivostok and its suburbs you will notice that the city has many famous and proud names such as the Gulf of Peter the Great ( Zaliv Petra Velikogo ), Diomid Bay, Uliss, Patrokl and so on… The people who opened this places for Russia and founded the city believed that this city had a great future. Now Vladivostok is one of the ten prospective cities of the world, which is determined by the special UNESCO Commission.

Please come and see it's beauty by yourself!


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