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    Primorsky region is situated in the South-East of the Russian Far East. Free outlet to the Pacific Ocean, specific of geopolitical situation and largeness and diversity of the territory facilitate development of international of tourism.

     The Sea of Japan is the Eastern border of region. Primorye has borders with China in the West and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in the South-West.

      Primorsky Region was established as an independent administrative body on the 20th of October 1938. Its square is 164 673 000 kilometers. Its population  is 1 950 483 people. Minorities such as Udege, Nanai and Oroches, whose ancestors lived in Kidan, Bohai and Alcun kingdoms, make up less than 0,1% of population.     

     Most people live in the cities. Vladivostok is the capital of Primorsky Region. Nakhodka, Ussuriisk, Dalnerechensk, Spassk and Artyom are the major cities.

    Primorsky Region is connected with other countries by air, rail board, sea and road-transport communication.Sikhote-Alin mountain ridge with its peak mountain Anik (1933 meters) occupies most part of the territory (80 per cent). Ussuri is the biggest river. Its length is 903 kilometers.

    Humid warm summer, plenty of sunshine during autumn and winter, closeness of the sea and mountain rings and vast forestlands create the most suitable climate for the outdoor activities here.



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