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    Vladivostok is the gate of Primorye. The city is located on the Southern end of Muraviyov-Amursky Peninsula and surrounded by waters of the Amur and Ussuriisk Bays. The territory of the city is more than 625 square kilometers. The population is 623 000 people. There are about twenty islands in Peter the Great Gulf within the precincts of Vladivostok. Russian Island is the largest among them.
    The capital of Primorye was founded on the 2nd of July in 1860. The city was made as naval base of Russia on the Pacific coast. Fortifications were built around Vladivostok in 1910-1915. Battery named Voroshilov on Russian Island became one of the most interesting sights. Today Vladivostok fortress is known as historical and military-defence architecture memorial.
    Vladivostok is the biggest industrial and transportation center in the Far East. The trans-Siberian Railway that goes all 9301 kilometers from Moscow ends and sea routs to all Asian-Pacific Region countries start in Vladivostok. The international airport of the city has regular air communications to many cities of different countries.
    Vladivostok is by right considered to be the largest scientific and cultural center. 9 state and 39 public museums are very attractive sights for tourists. Primorsky museum of regional studies named by V.K. Arseniev and Fortress museum are the most interesting ones. There are also such places of interest as Primorsky Philharmonic Society, art galleries, circus and aquarium in the city.
    However, the main place of interest is Vladivostok itself, which is one of the most beautiful Far Eastern cities. It spread on the hills as an amphitheatre and coastline curves formed small cozy bays. View points allow admiring the city during day-time and at night when lights shine in the Golden Horn Bay.
    There are a lot of architectural monuments, which are connected with history of the city and Primorsky Region. The streets of historical centre, especially Svetlanskaya Street, are the most peculiar ones among 700 city streets.
    The most popular for today is of course Cable-Stayed Bridge through the Golden Horn Bay which is almost continued and soon will be free to join it.
    One can get acquainted with historical past of Vladivostok during numerous excursions.
    Welcome to Vladivostok city!



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