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 Syrniki  (Сырники)
Popular for both dessert and breakfast, they consist of tvorog fried on a sauce-pan. The outsides of these "tvorog patties" become crispy, while the center is warm and creamy. Served with a spoonful of sour cream.
Blini  (Блины)
A thin Russian pancake (or crape), that is eaten for dessert with honey or jam. 
Oladi  (Оладьи)
Oladi are also pancakes, but much thicker than Blini. Oladi resemble pancakes in the west (while blini are more like crapes). Eaten with butter, honey and/or jam.
Cake  (Торт)
There are many varieties of cake, from moist to puffy, while most are fairly sweet. Some cakes are made without flour and use ground walnuts or almonds instead.

Ice Cream  (Мороженое)
No matter the season, even in the dead of winter at minus 20 below zero, Russians love their ice cream.
Popular varieties of ice cream: Vanilla, Strawberry, Peppermint, Chocolate, Blueberry, Pistachio, Raspberry, Caramel, Plum.

Jelly   (Желе)
Jellied fruit from the likes of cherries, pears and plums is a popular Russian food served for dessert.

 Halva   (Халва)
A popular Russian treat with origins from the Middle East. Halva is basically a high calorie spread or paste made from sunflower seeds, sesame seeds or various nuts.
Zefir   (Зефир)
Sweet and fluffy marshmallow treat popular in Russia.

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