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 Drinks with alcohol - Алкогольные напитки

Russian salted fish
  Beer - Пиво
    • Beer on tap - Разливное пиво
    • Beer from bottles - Пиво в бутылках
    • Unfiltered Beer - Пиво нефильтрованное
    • Imported Beer - Пиво импортированное
    • While drinking beer, Russians & Ukrainians often snack dry salted fish and shrimp or smoked squid.
  Wine - Вино
    • Red wine - Красное вино
    • White wine - Белое вино
    • Blush wine - Розовое вино
    • Port - Портвайн
    • Some popular wine in Russia: Moldovan (молдовское), Bulgarian (болгарское), Californian (калифорнское), Australian (австралийское), Crimean (крымское), Georgian (грузинское), Argentinean (аргентинское), Italian (итальянское), French (французское).
  Vodka - ВодкаRussian Vodka
    • Russian vodka, generally has an alcohol content of 40% (USA 80 proof).
    • Good Russian vodka is derived from grains, potato or sugar beat molasses.
  Samogon - Самогон
    • Samogon is homemade Russian vodka. Like moonshine in the west, it usually has a very high alcohol content. Not found on the menu in restaurants, it is nevertheless, quite popular amongst friends when drinking at home.
  Cognac - Коньяк
    • After vodka, cognac is the second most popular spirit you will find on Russian tables.
  Tequila - Текила
  Whisky - Виски
  Gin - Джин
  Rum - Ром
  Liqueurs - Ликёры
I. Non alcohol drinks - Безалкогольныенапитки
  Compote - Компот
    • A light refreshing drink made by boiling fresh fruit with sugar, then leaving it to cool and infuse. Unlike juice, the original fruit or berry in Russian compote is preserved in the juice. 
  Juice - Сок
    • Common varieties of juice: Orange, Grapefruit , Peach, Pineapple, Raspberry, Apricot, Cherry, Strawberry, Apple .
  Kvas - Квас
    • A dark, fizzy, slightly sour-tasting drink made from bread or grain in a similar process to brewing beer. Very refreshing when drank cold on a hot summer day.
  Kefir - Кефир
    • Kefir is a fermented milk drink with varying degrees of sour, depending on how long it has fermented.
  Milk  - Молоко
    • Chocolate milk - Молоко шоколадное
    • White milk - Молоко белое
  Milkshake - Молочный Коктейль
    • A few common flavors: Chocolate (Шоколадный), Strawberry (Клубничный), Vanilla (Ванильный).
  Mineral Water - Вода минеральная
    • plain water (no carbonation) - вода без газа
    • carbonated water - вода с газом
  Pop (Soft Drinks) - Вода газированная
    • Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Red Bull.
  Tea / Coffee - Чай / Кофе
    • Russians love to sit around the table, drink tea or coffee and eat chocolate&sweets. Russia is one of the largest tea consumers and importers in the world.
    • Espresso - Эспрессо
    • Decaffeinated coffee - Кофе без кофеина
    • American coffee - Кофе Американский
    • Irish coffee - Кофе по-ирландски
    • Cappuccino - Капуччино
    • Jasmine tea - Чай Цветок Жасмин
    • Rose bud tea - Чай Шиповник
    • Earl Grey tea - Чай Эрл Грей
    • Green tea - Чай Зелёный

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