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MainRussian cuisine First courses

First courses

 Borscht  (Борщ)

A vegetable soup most commonly made with beets and often with meat. 

Okroshka   (Окрошка)
A cold soup based on kvas, green onion, herbs and spices such as black pepper, mustard or horse radish.

Shchi   (Щи)
Cabbage soup. 

Rassolnyk  (Рассольник)

A tart sorrel soup sometimes served with kidneys.
Mushroom Soup   (Грибной суп)

Unlike the mushroom soup you find in a Cambell's can, Russian mushroom soup is usually a simple, wholesome soup with mushrooms, onions, carrots, potatoes, and a spoonful of sour cream upon serving.

Solyanka with meat   (Солянка мясная)

A thick meat based soup with pickle juice.

Ukha (Уха)
Russian tradition fish soup.




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