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MainRussian cuisine Main dishes

Main dishes

Goluptsi (Cabbage Rolls)   (Голубцы)
Seasoned ground beef and rice filling stuffed inside boiled cabbage leaves. Sweet pepper shells are also a popular alternative to cabbage.
Shashlyk  (Шашлык)
Marinated meat cooked on a skewer.
Popularity in Russia originated in the late 19th century from Central Asian and Caucasus regions.
Choices often include "Shashlyk from": beef , veal, chicken, mutton and fish.
Pelmeni   (Пельмени)
A traditional Russian dish made with minced meat filling, wrapped in thin dough dumplings.
Vareniki   (Вареники)
Ukrainian dumplings made with different fillings including mashed potatoes, sour cabbage, tvorog or berries. Vareniki are the same kind of dumplings found throughout Canadian supermarkets, better known as Perogies.
   Kotleti   (Котлеты)
Fried meat cutlets, not dissimilar to Salisbury steak.
Chicken Kiev   (Котлета по-киевски)
A dish of boneless chicken breast pounded and rolled around cold unsalted butter, then breaded and fried.
Beef Stroganoff  (Говядина по-строгановски)
Sautéed pieces of beef served in a sour cream sauce.
Pirozhki  (Пирожки)

Small dough buns or pies stuffed with variable fillings. Traditional fillings include Pirozhki with...
Fish sautéed with onions and mixed with hard-boiled chopped eggs.
Meat boiled and chopped
Potato mashed, then mixed with eggs and smetana (sour cream).
Cabbage sautéed, plus egg and spices.

Chebureki  (Чебуреки)

A popular Russian food that originated in Georgia.
Chebureki consist of a thin layer of dough and seasoned ground meat filling, deep-fried in a pan of oil.

Draniki  (Драники)

A popular dish said to have originated in Belarus. Draniki are basically potato pancakes, usually served with a rich serving of smetana (sour cream).
Pancakes with Caviar   (Блины с икрой)
with Black Caviar 
with Red Caviar 
Pancakes with Meat  (Блины с мясом)
Varying types of meat from chicken to sausage and ham, rolled in pancakes (crapes) known as blini.

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