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MainRussian cuisine Salads and Cold starters

Salads and Cold starters

Olivier salad  (Оливье)

Usually people outside of former-USSR call it Russian Salad, however its original name is Salad Olivier. This salad is the creation of a French chef, M. Olivier, who in the 1860s opened a fashionable restaurant in Moscow called The Hermitage.
This salad was and maybe still is the most traditional dish for the home New Year celebration for russian people.
 A flexible salad composed of boiled potatoes, vegetables,often with meat, mixed in mayonnaise.
Crab Stick Salad (салат из крабовых палочек)
Salad with rice (or pasta), boiled eggs, sweet corn and diced crab (imitation or otherwise), mixed in mayonnaise.
Herring Under a Fur Coat  (Сельдь под шубой)
Also known as Fish under a Fur Coat, its a Russian favorite. Ingredients include herring fillets, potatoes, carrots, beets, eggs and mayonnaise.
Vinigret Salad  (Винегрет)
Another Russian food favorite, the Vinigret is an excellent vegetarian salad. In Russia  the word "Vinegret" designates a salad which consists of beet, pickled cucumber, potatoes, carrot, and onion. Other ingredients, such as green peas, beans or  sauerkraut are sometimes also added. Sunflower or canola oil is used as a dressing
 Kholodets (Headcheese)  (Холодец)
Pieces of chopped meat in a set jelly, mixed with spices and garlic.
Also known as Studynets by Ukrainians.
Salo (Salted Pork Fat)   (Сало)
Salted and often seasoned pork fat, Salo is traditionally a Ukrainian delicatessen widely consumed by Russians.
Pickles  (Соления)
Pickles, also known as salted cucumbers are a popular Russian food snack with vodka.
Marinated Mushrooms  (Грибы маринованные)
Russians not only like to pickle mushrooms and cucumbers, but tomatoes, garlic, beets and an assortment of other vegetables.
Red Caviar   (Красная икра)
Also called: Salmon Eggs 
Black Caviar  (Черная икра)
Also called: Caviar of Sturgeon 
Smoked Salmon  (Копчёный лосось)
Meat Assortment  (Мясное ассорти)
Cold meats in an assortment or on their own.
Tongue, boiled pork, fore shank, chicken roll, bacon.
Kubasa (Sausage or Salami)   (Колбаса)
Kubasa (Canadian spelling) is a smoked meat sausage with spices and garlic, common in Russia & Ukraine.



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