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MainRussian holidays

Russian holidays

NEW YEAR (January, 1-2)
     One of the  most favourite and popular holidays of Russian people. Traditionally it is a family holiday, when all the members of the family gather together at the New Year dinner. The attributes of New Year in Russia are New Year tree (decorated with the glass balls, toys etc), Ded Moroz (Russian kind of Santa Clouse), Snegurochka (snow girl, Ded Moroz's grand daughter) and fireworks.
     Many people celebrate it twice, on January 1 and 14 (old style New Year). It corresponds to January 1 in the Julian calendar, used in Russia before 1918.
     Because of difference between Julian and Gregorian calendar it is celebrated two weeks later in orthodox coutries.
     The first Russian University was established on January 25th in 1755. Since that date was St. Tatiana's Day, students started to treat her as a Protactor of all the students and studies.
ST. VALENTINE'S  DAY (February, 14)
     Only recently Russians started to celebrate this holiday, especially children and young people. Many people like this day for a one more chance to say "I love you" to their darlings and make them little presents. Children make paper hearts to present their friends and compete with each other who gets more hearts. Men present to their beloved flowers and chocolates, and women present to men some souvenirs.
DEFENDERS OF MOTHERLAND DAY (the men's day)  (February, 23
     Originally being the Day of the Red Army Soldiers who defended the young Soviet State from the enemies, now this day turned into the day of all the men, young and old, whenever they served in the army or not. At this day women greet all male members of their families, their male colleagues. Women make them presents and cook holiday dinner.
     It is the day when men greet all women, relatives and colleagues. Men make presents to their women and are supposed to do all house work and cook holiday dinner at this day.
FOOL'S DAY (April, 1)
A day when people joke and have fun.
EASTER (middle of April)
     Orthodox holiday of the Christ's resurrection, in Russia it is called "Paskha". For celebration people bake special sweet Easter cakes - "paskha" with curds and "kulich" whith raisins, and dye boiled eggs into bright colours.
     This holiday became official at Soviet time, when the demonstration of labour people were held. City leaders greeted people going in columns along the city main streets. Besides of it, these days also known as "subbotnik",  when people clean the city after winter rubbish, plant trees and flowers in the streets and do other work of their own free will without payment.
     A day of defeat of Hitler Germany. Russia  celebrates Victory day to commemorate the millions fallen in World War II. At this day people greet the veterans who participated at the World War II. People present them gifts and flowers, listen to their tales about war times. Usually people decorate with flower tombs of people who perished during the World War II and monuments to heros of those times. Also in the biggest cities festive military parades are held.
     The date when Soviet Russian Socialist Republic of the Soviet Union officially adopt the Declaration of Sovereignty of the Russian Federation in 1991 and became the independent state - Russian Federation.
NATIONAL  UNITY  DAY (November, 4)
     Day of the National Unity is the newest Russian holiday. It is related with events of the Great Russian Distemper happened in the 17th century when Polish mercenories were driven away from Moscow and Russia State System was reestablished. 

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