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MainRussian souvenirs

Russian souvenirs

     When traveling to one of different countries one surely expect to bring souvenir when coming back home. Russian souvenirs are a part of national character  and Russia’s soul. There are so many different bright figures, nesting dolls different from each other, birch boxes and accessories, Gzhel ceramics, wooden boxes and figures and many other things.

 Matreshka (or Nesting Dolls)
     Matreshka is a descendant of traditional peasant toys that parents used to make for their children. Nesting dolls have gained a wide glory all over the world. It’s a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside the other.


Birch Boxes
     This kind of souvenirs is very popular for tourists. Boxes are made of birch bark. It’s decorated by cutting through birch and stamping. Stamping on birch is one of the oldest handicrafts. Birch bark has always been a traditional material for Russian masters.
Lacquer Boxes
     Russian lacquer boxes are lovely souvenirs for tourists. Russian lacquer boxes have their own individuality. Every one differs from each other by size, shape and of course art picture in it. The technique of making Russian lacquer boxes is very difficult and laborious: it demands certain skills and high professionalism of craftsmen. But the result of such work is magnificent!



    Ceramics - porcelain, faience, majolica, and pottery - are made of fired clay with mineral components. Ceramic items are performed in traditional national style but with artists' individual vision.  

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