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MainRussian tradition Easter in Russia

Easter in Russia


 Russian people have a long term tradition to celebrate “Easter” which means the day of the resurrection of Christ. This holiday came to Russia in the end of 10th century. Now it’s  one of the most popular and widely celebrated holiday  all over the Russia.

Churches and russian people start to prepare for Easter one day  before celebration. Churches hold night service.  People make eggs painted and bake Easter cakes, make “kuliches”, which symbolize the body of Christ.
    The morning of Easter starts from visiting neighbours, relatives and friends are giving away Easter eggs using common phrase “ Hristos voskres!” which means “Christ has risen!”. You hear this phrase within the whole day of Easter wherever you go. When person hears this phrase he should answer “Voistinu voskres”,  means “truly he has risen”. Such greeting also follows by hugging and triple kissing.   
    This day people prepare a lot of different food. The Great Lent is over and now the most delicious food is on the table. The main meals are ritual ones: Easter cakes “kulich” and painted eggs. This ritual food should be eaten before other food.
    The main beauty of this celebration are boiled eggs painted different colors and different pictures on it. Some of them are like little picturesque masterpiece.  People present eggs to each other and individual collection became more wide and beautiful.
    One more Russian tradition of Easter is to send and deliver gifts to those who are in need. People believe that  “Christ with the Apostles travel on earth testing everyone for mercy and kindness”. 

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