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Russian banya

     The history of Russian Banya originates in old times. Banya is cloth to sauna. This type of relax is very famous all over the world. But russian Banya has it’s differences.

     Banya building can be different size: small or large, but it’s always made of wood. Russian Banyas usually has three rooms: 1) “predbannik” (pre-bath room); 2) steam room; 3) washing room. “Predbannik” is a room where people can take off their clothes and to have a rest after taking bath. Washing room pretend to be a room where people take a kind of shower after heating at steam room. And steam room itself consist of the fire box which fed from the entrance room; the rock chamber, which has a small hole to throw the water into and a water tank at the top.
     There are wooden benches across the steam room. People enter the room when the stove is hot. During taking bath people may pure water on the rocks to get a good sweat. Such procedure helps to protect the skin from the heat.
     Banya temperature usually take about 200 degrees by Farengate (or 93 degree Celsius). To protect head from such strong heat people use special banya hats. There are also small mats to seat on for protection skin from the dry, hot wood of the interior benches. A special ritual of russian bath is “hiting” or massaging each other with bath besom which made of special dried branches with leaves. Usually russian people use oak,or birch  leaves. The dried branches are moistened with very hot water before use.
After the first good sweat is induced, it is customary to cool off in the breeze outdoors or splash around in cold water or in a lake or river. In the winter, people may roll in the snow with no clothes or dip in lakes where holes have been cut into the ice.

The russian Banya is very healthy procedure which stimulates sweating, it helps to “clean” blood. Banya opens skin pores, cleaning it and making it fresher and softer. It also helps to treat cold as high temperature kills most part of bakterias. Finally Russian bath make people feel releaved, healthy and fresh during the long time after procedure. 


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