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MainRussian tradition Russian wedding ceremony

Russian wedding ceremony

     Traditional Russian wedding ceremony starts in the end of IX century when Christianity became official religion of Kievskaya Rus.
    Nowadays ceremony lasts for 2 days. There are a lot of dancing, singing events through celebration. Tables full of drinks and food and long toasts accompany  the ceremony. All day long newly married hear “GORKO!!!” in the end of toasts and guests expect long-long kissing of Bride and Groom.
      But before wedding itself starts Groom need to come to Brides house and ransome his future wife.  This part of ceremony is always very funny. “Tamada”, a person who leads this ceremony,  think up lots of tests for a Groom and a person which always accompany him called “Svidetel” (the best man of the Groom). Together they need to overcome all obstacles to get the Bride. At the end of this ceremony Groom needs to give money or sweets or anything else for clothest relatives of Bride to ransom her. At the very end, when all the obstacles have been passed, Groom gets his lovely Bride and kisses her. And after that take her away.
     After Ransome part, couple must held a civil ceremony at Zags (special civil place where couple is declared as Husband and Wife officially). Bride and Groom call for relatives and clothest friends to become a witnesses of the official ceremony at ZAGS where they will register their marriage. This ceremony is always very exciting as new Family appears. The ceremony ranges from 15 to 30 minutes. During ceremony the rings are exchanged and the couple is pronounced as husband and wife. Parents offer the married couple two crystal glasses with sparkling wine. After drinking, glasses supposed to be broken into smithereens. Tradition says the more pieces of glass they create, the more years of happiness they will spend together. After the official ceremony, clothest people of Bride and Groom congratulate newly formed family with flowers.
     After the civil ceremony, the Newly married with their witnesses and very close friends, travel around the city by limousine and visit many historical sights. The company spend time taking pictures and making fun before going to restaurant where all the rest guests join to celebrate Wedding.

    At the restaurant all together Newlyweds and all their friends and relatives make fun till the very evening with lots of drinks, foods, dancing, singing, making fun and of course always saying GORKO, GORCO, GORKO!!!! 


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